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Manufacturing Process of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

Stainless steel pipe fitting is a kind of wire, made of stainless steel. The manufacturing process of stainless steel pipe can be divided into several basic categories: hot rolling (extrusion), cold rolling (drawing), and hot expanding steel tube.

In accordance with the manufacturing process, the welded pipe can be divided into straight seam welded steel pipe, submerged arc welded pipe, plate roll butt welded pipe, welded pipe hot expansion steel pipe.

According to the shape of the steel tube, it can be divided into square tube, rectangular tube, octagonal, hexagonal, D - shaped, five - angle shaped steel tube. The complicated section of steel pipe, steel pipe amphicoelous, five petal shaped steel tube, conical pipe, corrugated pipe, oval shaped steel, biconvex shaped steel tube etc..

They are classified according to their purposes -- steel pipes for pipes, pipes for thermal equipment, steel pipes for mechanical industry, steel pipes for petroleum and geological drilling, steel pipes for containers, chemical industry pipes, special purpose steel pipes, etc.


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